Lunch Panels

 Creating Work: Process, development, and funding

With Jack Evans, Sole Rebel, Avalon Rathgeb, Helen Duffy, Jamie Spall and Ryan Campbell-Birch

Tap Dance History and Teaching with Tap Dance Research Network

Dr Trish Melton will host a panel comprising of members of the TDRN UK Steering Committee. Following an introduction to TDRN by Jess Murray, three research topics will be discussed:

UK Tap Dance History: Tap dance is a living history with a strong oral tradition with many different voices. Annette is curious in the connection and lineage of this American art form and its popularity in the UK. She will discuss “bebop hoofer,” Will Gaines, and “American Rhythm Tap Dancer,” Tobias Tak and their influence on tap dance in the UK.

UK Tap Jam History: The focus of Sally’s PhD was an ethnographic study on the early tap dance communities in the UK. Her fieldwork took her to Band on the Wall in Manchester and Ronnie Scott’s in London. She will discuss how the tap jams started, what drew individuals into the community, and how the experience of improvising tap to live music shaped the social and performance identities of community members.

Teaching and the role of Repertory: As a part of research into teaching strategies and learning styles in tap dance, Trish is investigating the role of repertory in teaching practice.  She has found that the historical and cultural perspectives from repertory can enhance the learning experience. In addition it enabled discussions on the structure and musicality of the routines. Trish will discuss how she used repertory in class and the benefits seen.

Each speaker will introduce the subject, ask for panellists & audience questions and conduct quick polls to get audience feedback.  This panel will introduce research topics that TDRN steering members are active in with more to come from others later in the year – keep in touch.

TDRN are excited to be sharing some of the work of their team members and to get input from the wider tap dance community in the UK. Looking forward to some interesting discussion and hopefully a few tough questions.

Bojangles to Broadway: Tap dance from the jazz scene to stage and screen

With Adele Joel, Alastair Crosswell, Theatre Tap London and Jenny Rust