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We’re delighted to have teamed up with Arte Fyl in Madrid to bring you wonderfully unique, hand made tap shoes at great prices.

The master craftsmen at Arte Fyl have been making percussive dance shoes for over 40 years, and have gained a unique understanding of the requirements of professional dancers: the fine balance of sound, flexibility, support, and aesthetic. Each pair is handcrafted with care, skill, and precision, and the years of building strong relationships with suppliers means they are able to offer outstanding quality at a lower price than other shoemakers. Arte Fyl tap shoes are imbued with rhythm from the outset by the cadenced hammering of artisanal craftsmen, surrounded by the smell of leather in their Spanish workshop. Each pair is uniquely designed for the dancer, resulting in the ideal artistic instrument. 

Design your fully customisable tap shoe and experience a personalised digital fitting service with TDUK to ensure the best possible chance of a perfect fit first time.


Design your shoes in leather, suede, or patent, with black leather available as standard. Double or triple build up soles offered in black or natural (standard) or painted to match the shoe (small additional fee). Extra leather or rubber half sole optional, with widths offered as standard (up to 9.5cm), extra (9.6-10cm) or double (over 10cm). Standard heel is 25mm but  there are many options available (see below).


colours for handmade tap shoes. Customisable handcrafted tap shoes for tap dancers
A broad range of colours available in leather, suede, or patent. Mix and match colours and materials for a unique design.


For those looking for a classic heeled shoe, try the Pico, Taranto, or Petenera style. These can be customised with a Cuban, Roper, or Monet heel to create your ideal placement:

Monet – 50mm & 60mm
Cuban – 35mm, 45mm & 60mm
Roper – 55mm & 65mm

Heels can be natural, walnut, black, or covered to match the shoe.

Steps to creating your ideal shoe:

  1. Design your shoes using Arte Fyl’s bespoke design tool. (This is VERY cool – be warned, you might want to spend some time playing!)
  2. Contact us via the form below to book a fitting
  3. Attend your digital fitting (approx 15-20 minutes) & place your order 
  4. Wear your custom Arte Fyl’s with pride!

Why Buy Through TDUK?

For those of you asking: “But I could just go direct to the Arte Fyl website, right?” Here are some reasons you should buy your shoes with us:

  • Personalised digital-fitting session to ensure a great fit: Buying new shoes can be tricky, especially when you can’t try them on first. That’s why TDUK are offering bespoke digital fitting services to help ensure a perfect fit first time!
  • It costs you no extra: we receive a referral fee from Arte Fyl so there’s no additional cost to you.
  • Help us to help you: when you purchase from Tap Dance UK, you are helping us to continue supporting the TDUK community.
  • Access to exclusive extras: Arte Fyl have given TDUK access to additional options which aren’t available on their design tool, including: embroidery, heel carvings, coloured or patterned inner leathers & metallics.

We’ll send a list of optional extras upon confirmation of your fitting so you can finalise your design.

Bespoke tap shoe heel engraving. bespoke handmade tap shoe heel engraving
Heel Carving - stand out with designs carved into the wood of your heel

Please Note: Shipping to the UK varies slightly but usually costs around €30. Average production time is approximately 8 weeks.

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